Upper Gala Multicrop Thresher

Bajrangkrishiyantra MULTICROP TRESHER is developed to suit large holding farmers and customs hiring. It is very suitable for crop like wheat, soybean, pea, mustered. It is operated with 35 hp tractor P.T.O.

Multicrop Thresher


  • The Bajrangkrishiyantra MULTICROP TRESHER consists of hopper with automatic feeding, which is drive by the gear box. Reverse gear can be use if necessary.
  • The threshing unit contains three sharp cutting blades with spike tooth cylinder. The crop is cut in to small pieces & rubs against the concave which give superior separating performance.
  • Two aspirators blowers are attached to threshing unit, which separates small pieces of crops residue from the seed.
  • Further a shaking & bagging unit are used to collect the seeds.
  • The unit is supplied with belts & pulleys to achieve variable cylinder speed, but the speed of blower can change according to requirement.
  • It also consists of elevator or burm for loading seeds to trolley, pneumatic transport wheel & single hitch system.


Type Bar Type
Diameter 850 mm
Width 900 mm
No. of Blades Three
No. of Bar/Spike 58
No. of Blades Three
Clearing Blower Two
Balance Wheel 125 Kg.
No. of Teeth Toller Two
Type of feeding Conveyer Belt / Chute
Type 4-joint
Safety By Reverse Gear
Height 2100 mm
Type Worm
Concave Multi Crop
Length 4200 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 2450 mm
Weight 1400 Kg.

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