Tractor Front Loader and Back Hoe

Tractor Front Loader and Back Hoe

The Tractor Front Loader is meant for carrying heavy and medium load while the attached backhoe helps in bulldozing and tearing the ground or surface. It digs by drawing earth backward instead of lifting it with a forward motion. The machine is approved and tested on all international parameters and its arm is used as a crane mostly by slinging the lifted object from the support linkages bend the dipper. We make it available in standard size and in customized form to suit our client requirement.



  • Easy assembling and de- assembling from tractor
  • Time saving
  • Highly productive


Maximum Digging Depth 3500 mm (11.5 ft)
Maximum Load Over Height 3140 mm (10.3 ft)
Maximum Reach At Ground Level 4400 (14.43 ft)
Boom Rotation 180* degree
Maximum Tear Out Bucket + Dippers 5700 kgf
Frame Fabricated 6 mm Sheet
Height 11.5 Ft.
Width 6 Ft.
Bucket Size 6 Ft. X 32″
All Over Height 15.5 Ft.
Min. Weight 850 Kgs.
Max. Weight 1250 Kgs.
Hp Required 50 HP and Above

NOTE : The contents of this catalogue are only giving information to the end user without engagement from our side. The company can modify SPECIFICATIONS of the total machine and it’s components without any previous notice.

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