Tractor Front Dozer / Blade

The Tractor Front Dozer/ Blade is efficient in pushing large quantity of soil, sand and other material at agricultural grounds and construction sites. Easy to assemble and disassemble, these tractors are also used for land leveling. The high carbon steel blade prevents the braking and corrosion. The tractor width can easily be adjusted as per the tractor power. The industries where it is used includes mining, building and forestry.

Tractor Front Dozer Blade


  • The high carbon special steel blade prevents the corrosion & braking
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Its width can be increased and decreased as per tractor power Hp
  • Easily clear the fields and used for land leveling.


  • Bajrangkrishiyantra industry
  • Building industry


Model FK-TFD
Dozing Capacity 40 Cu. Ft.
Effective Lift 390/410 mm
Blade Height 725/770 mm
Blade Length 2520 x 770 mm
Dozer Operated With 1 Hydraulic Cylinder
Dozer Cutting Blade Size 12 x 100 mm
Dozer Reach At Ground 800 mm. (2’4)
Dozer Blade Effective Blade Lift 410 mm.

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