Mobile Water Tanker


  • The bajrangkrishiyantra mobile water tanker is used for moving water.
  • This particular mobile water tanker is normally used on farms for agricultural purposes.
  • These tankers are used for storing while it is transported from one place to other place.
  • This equipment is designed to transport and distribute water and also wash the streets in case of needs.



Capacity 5000 Liters (Optional)
No. of Tyers 2
Axle 75 mm – water proof steel hub
Rim Heavy Duty Double Plate
Tyre 900 x 16
Main Chassis 150 mm x 65 mm
Tank Sheet thickness 4 mm
Tank length 3050 mm
Tank width 1400 mm
Tank height 1170 mm
Approx Weight 1350 Kg.

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